With the success of the Subaru Mass Gathering at the end of 2014 fresh in everyone’s minds, the 2015 edition of Scoobyfest promised to be as well-supported as always, and the club committee ensured that a new venue would be as enjoyable for spectators and attendees as always! 

RedStar Raceway in Delmas was the new host for the event, and Scoobies from around Johannesburg joined one of the numerous convoys formed to drive to the festival together.  Subaru was kind enough to open up their new head office for us to enjoy coffee and snacks before we departed, in addition Subaru South Africa once again contributed hugely to the costs of hosting the festival. 

DSC011742 DSC011782 DSC011752 DSC011832


As the Official Subaru Club of SA, SOCSA is grateful that SSA continues to recognize and endorse us and our events, which just lets us ensure our members enjoy themselves even more!  Scoobyfest is such a popular event that we had 8 members join us from

Nelspruit, and two cars from as far afield as Namibia!

  20150321 143225 FB IMG_1428384898605 (1)

Participants were allocated into groups based on their track driving experience and on where they would be most comfortable.  This ensured that all the participants were constantly busy, either enjoying AWD on the skidpan, lapping RedStar’s main track as fast as possible, or busy watching their friends. The main track was praised by both newbies and the more experienced drivers for the free flowing nature of the corners, the long straights, and of course all the run off area when the excitement got a bit too much!


The skidpan provided some close finishes, and attracted a lot of spectators.  This led to a “chicken vs egg” debate; were the spectators flocking to the skidpan because of the long powerslides being held by the drivers, or were the drivers enjoying unnecessarily long powerslides just because there were spectators there? The Forester crowd had their own event for the first time, and were enthusiastic participants in the muddy skidpan that followed!  With a 4x4 course that eventually devolved into a competition over who could get their car dirtier, this is definitely something that will be repeated in future!


Perhaps the most popular event for spectators is the lunchtime 300 meter drags, with an elimination format and numerous scores to be settled from last years event, this was as popular as ever, leading nicely to the other group event, Time Attack. This involved one lap of the short course on the main track, with a standing start and a flying finish.  Again, comments were made, and scores needed to be settled between the old hands at the driving events, while newer members commented that they wanted all the track time they could get! 

A big thank you to all the committee members, helpers, sponsors and the team at Red Star for making this the best Scoobyfest yet!




1st Marius Knoessen

2nd Stuart Ford


Skidpan (Mens)

1st Carl van Ass

2nd Kruno Culjack

3rd Chett Meyer


Skidpan (Ladies)

1st Shantell van der Schyff

2nd Chanaaz Blauw

3rd Sharon Colvin


Time Attack

1st Marius Knoessen

2nd Wayne Hay

3rd Carl van Ass


Scoobster of the Year : A trophy awarded to a person who has put in time and effort beyond their duty for the benefit of the club

Nadia Singh 


Merchandise sponsors:

Chett Tuned

Import Parts

Pyro Performance

Scooby World SA




The first SOCSA breakfast run of the year was a special one – an extended route saw the club members enjoying a longer run that ended at Zwartkops for the Day of Champions Race Day, complete with discounted entry fees and preferential parking! The 40 tickets we were so kindly allocated by Zwartkops were quickly sold, with many members joining us even after our tickets were sold out.


DSC06407 20150131 055128

The enthusiasm (and wide ranging locations) of our members meant that several convoys from all over JHB were formed to meet up at the departure point, and as always we were grateful for the services of all the photographers on the run.

36 cars joined us from the usual refueling/coffee/chatting spot at BP Broadacres, and they set off on a route that was meticulously planned by Dustin to include some great driving roads, and of course, a tunnel. What was also enjoyable was the amount of new members that joined in on the event; meeting new faces and discussing future events is always exciting.


20150131 071631 20150131 092159

Gourmet breakie rolls as well as boerwors rolls (only the finest for our members) were provided at the venue, along with shaded seating, banter, and much discussion about Subaru in general. Most important of all, stickers and t shirts were also available, flying our club brand high!


The racing on the day was excellent, from the scream of the Ferraris to the physics-defying antics of the 60’s cars sliding out of turn one, there really was every reason to spend the day at Zwartkops with family and friends.


DSC06434 DSC06458 

DSC06461 DSC06469

Our next event, ScoobyFest, is fast approaching. If you only come to one event for the year, this is it!

Article by Craig Watson


Hi All and welcome to SOCSA 2015.

I trust that you have all had a good rest and are looking forward to a great year ahead.

It was agreed at our AGM held in December that the annual membership fee would remain R350 per member for the year. As in 2014 access to the forum will remain free to anybody wanting to register. I would like to take this opportunity however to encourage all past, present and future members to invest in a Paid-up Membership for 2015.

This year we would like to introduce the SOCSA VIP Membership card for paid-up members. The VIP card will entitle you to a number of benefits offered exclusively to paying members. Here are some of the reasons why its worth investing in a VIP membership.

As you are aware SOCSA hosts a number of events during the year...2015 will be no different. Paid-up members enjoy a significant discount on SOCSA event entry fees and often reduced entry fees for events hosted by other clubs. Participating in just three or four events alone will cover the cost of an annual membership and more.

In addition to this we have negotiated with a number of service providers to the Subaru community and managed to secure the following deals for VIP members.


Mintrams Spares: 5% on all purchases

Speak to Anthony 011 794-3384/5

Shop 3 Eagles Landing shopping Centre, Cnr Christiaan de Wet & Scott Str Randpark Ridge

RSI Autobody: 5% on all panel beating labour costs

Speak to Rinus 012 666-7316

61 Rudolph Street, Sunderland Ridge, Centurion

Phoenix Performance: 10% on all parts

Speak to Marco 079 884-4856

Crazy Detailer : 5% on all purchases

Speak to Pravin 082 453-7086

Shop 8 Worldwear Centre, Beyers Naude Dr, Fairland

Subaru Tuning SA (Chett tuned): 10% on all Subaru Tuning services

Speak to Chett 079 898-8356

Auto Sound Engineering (ASE) : 10% on all labour costs + 10% on all Liqui Moly and NF Products

Speak to Jan Steyn 082 574-3760

19 Eland Street Koedoespoort, Pretoria

Scooby World: 10% on all parts and Labour

Speak to Robert 076 419-7970

WHPerformance: 10% on labour + 5% on BC Coilovers, Whiteline suspension, Powerbrake, Snow performance Water/meth

Speak to Wayne 082 652-1821

Import Parts; 5% on all purchases

Speak to Jerry 011 312-9529

Unit A9 Allandale Park, Morkel Cose, Halfway house, Midrand

Edenglen Tyres: 50% on all wheel balancing and alignment

Speak to Chris 011 974 8007

Cnr Baker & Bhala Street, Sebenza, Edenvale

KCB Signs : 10% on all car branding and 15% off all other signage

Speak to Tim 082 785 9277 (Randburg area)

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Greenstone Auto body: 10% off paint and labor work, as well as half off their discount on all parts

155 Van Riebeeck Avenue, Gauteng, 1609
Speak to Barry 011 452 7300

Tremor Audio: 20% discount on sound installations and 15% on bluetooth kits

Unit 1B, Block A, Gallagher Corner, C/O Gallagher and Richards Drive, Halfway House, Midrand
Speak to Julian 011 315 2973
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mag Wheels Repair Services: 40% discount on wheel refurbishments

3rd Avenue, Springfield, Johannesburg
Speak to Garry 082 351 1638 or 011 683 7825

Pro Auto Care: 10% discount on full wash and polish, 20% discount on a full wash, polish and clay detail, 30% for a full wash, polish and clay detail for SOCSA members in Pretoria

Contact Werner Niemand for more information
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



We are still waiting for replies from a few more service providers so the list will grow a bit I'm sure.

VIP Members qualify for all of the above deals on presentation of their membership card and number at the time of purchase. We are busy working on the design of the cards but they will be a plastic keyring or wallet type card with membership information printed on them.

We look forward to an eventful 2015 and hope to see you all at our events throughout the year.


SOCSA Gauteng Committee.



On Sunday 30 November, Brightwater Commons hosted a wide variety of Subaru owners to create the largest gathering of Subarus in Africa; and yes, we did it - 188 cars!

Convoys from Pretoria, the West rand, East rand and Randburg met up with the SOCSA committee and joined in to make quite a grand entrance, which attracted loads of attention from the admiring public. To keep the memories alive and to let others share our enthusiasm, we received many megabytes of GoPro films for our Facebook page.

Truly, It was a sight to see, with every Subaru of every age represented. It was impressive to see such a large number of daily-driven Foresters at the event, and as always, the Impreza faithful were present and well represented. XV's Legacy's and Outbacks visited, and many had attended saying "we only here to be counted quickly", but then ended staying and socialising with their fellow owners.

Drivetrain bias played no part in the day and there was no judgement if your car didn't have drive sent to all four wheels; we embraced our new BRZ brethren, even if they were warned not to do any doughnuts!

The Show and Shine competition was as popular as always, with a crowd following the judges as they did their work. The crowd's enthusiasm was comfortably beaten and heightened by the enthusiasm of the owners whose cars were being judged; offers of beers and other items of bribery abounded!

Immaculate cars were being shown all round, making the decision difficult, however the winner was an easy choice; custom fabrication and religious attention to detail ensured his car stood out!

1502317 10204963318340069_6563024311822549359_o 1507315 10204963320340119_475742298157064719_o 10750507 10204963321180140_1816505833003968684_o

Show and Shine:

1st Dustin Davis
2nd Gary Dorkin
3rd Juan Groenewald


With 188 cars, we were shy of the world record of 371, which comprised of cars from 11 states in the US. Despite this, we definitely established a record for Africa, one that we hope to break next year.

More importantly, there were closer ties forged between SOCSA and other clubs; ScoobyNation, Scooby Boys and the Forester Club all enjoyed the family atmosphere at the event, fuelled by a mutual love for our cars.

Promises of collaboration and support between clubs can only mean an exciting year to which Subaru enthusiasts can look forward to in 2015!

Lastly, a big thank you to the photographers who sent photos to our FB, somehow the event is lessened without you recording our fun!

Article by Craig Watson


The skidpan day held at the beginning of the year was so successful that SOCSA decided to hold a much bigger one; along the lines of a full day of fun for 65 cars!

alt alt

Our members were more than up to the task, we had a full field of Subarus and friends of the club on the pan for the day. Foresters from the Foresters Forum (including one with launch control that gave me a hiding on the pan), some sideways 86's, a well-driven Focus ST and some lovely German metal from the boys at Blessed Wheels to add to the BMW's and the S3 already present! The record for the oldest passenger on the skidpan was 87 years old, she loved the experience although the vicious acceleration of Scooby AWD on a wet surface made sure it was only one trip for the day!

Cat in Hat laid out two routes which were exceptionally enjoyable, as they were easier to remember than most, and made for great entertainment. We had three groups of cars, with only one group in the skidpan queue at any given time, there was minimal waiting for participants. Throughout the day we had a photographer from 'Speed and Sound' magazine, who kindly provided the photos below. At least there was more than enough material for a Subaru album for the journalist, everything from classic two door STI's to Foresters and wagons, with everything in between!

alt alt

There were a few cones murdered by some drivers, and a couple of wrong routes, but all participants were considerate and said a few words for the dead cone, or did some long slides to entertain the crowd if they got lost on the skidpan during their run.

A fun diversion was also brought by a confused SOCSA member who left his WRX at home and brought his turbocharged Honda Jazz instead. Clearly a man with a sense of humour, and a passion for scaring hot hatches! While on the subject of passion, SOCSA as a club is lucky to have the special members we have; there were a number who came along to help out, spectate, and generally just be there for the day although they weren't driving.

Subaru South Africa attended, and were kind enough to provide a new shape Subaru STI and two WRX's for both journalists and members to enjoy on the skidpan. The benefits of SOCSA's close relationship with SSA were clear to me when I was thrown the keys to the STI for two runs. Torque vectoring is a revelation, and everything from the D shaped steering wheel to the updated exterior is massively appealing... One day!

alt alt

The two WRX's, one in manual guise and the other with CVT, were eventually used for a rather unique competition. The top ten drivers from the two routes were given a chance to drive each WRX on a route around the pan, with the winning driver receiving a trophy and Noddy badge. This superb concept was a crowd favourite, that we will try to have at more of our events!

Finally, thanks to the Committee for another great event, and especially our timekeepers for their hard work throughout the day!

alt alt

Onto the results:

1st Anton "Ei8ht" Wannenburg
2nd Craig "Frodo" Watson
3rd Lucas Nel


1st Shantel van der Schyff
2nd Charlotte "Lady" Crispy
3rd Nadia "Ballbreaker Chairchick" Singhal


Top Ten WRX Shootout Winner
Wayne Hay (even with a wet cowboy hat)


Navigator of The Day - (Less directional sense than the Nkandla investigation)
Tiaan van Zyl


Crowd Pleaser - (A very close competition between the RS4 and the pair of flamboyant 86's)
Marius Draper in his supercharged RS4


Article by Craig Watson


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